Whisper: How to Hear the Voice of God, by Mark Batterson, Hardcover

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  • Author: Mark Batterson

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Mark Batterson, prominent pastor and New York Times bestselling author, offers practical insights, inspiring stories, and key steps to hearing the supernatural voice of God.
Do you often find yourself asking some of these questions?:
- Does God still speak?
- In whaat ways?
- Can we hear Him?
- How do we understand what He is saying?
Mark Batterson combines clear biblical teaching with illustrative storytelling to reveal the 7 key languages of God. Some of these may seem intuitive to you, while others may come as a surprise. Once you learn these languages, you'll be able to hear from God and follow His voice in your daily life. Batterson believes God loves us enough to speak into our lives whether we are struggling to make an important life-changing decision, or we are facing a common everyday choice. He speaks more often than we realize.
God does speak to His people, and He does it frequently. Get the tools you need to properly tune in and turn up His voice in your life!
Chapters include:
Part One: The Power of a Whisper
- The Bravest Prayer
- The Voice
- The Whispering Spot
Part Two: The Seven Love Languages
- Sign Language
- The Key of Keys—Scripture
- The Voice of Gladness—Desires
- Dreamers by Day—Dreams
- Hidden Figures—People
- The Archer's Paradox—Promptings
- Joystick—Pain
- Epilogue: The Whisper Test

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