The Christian Man, by Patrick Morley, Hardcover

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  • Author: Patrick Morley

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No man ever fails on purpose. Each morning, we wake up, and hope for a win.
These are turbulent times to be a man. In collecting material for this book, Patrick Morley interviewed many men who provided powerful, transparent input. They seemed to agree that it's growing increasingly difficult to juggle all of their responsibilities as men, husbands, fathers, friends, workers, churchmen, and citizens. As Nick explained, "It feels almost impossible to live out a biblical model of manhood."
Don't we all fell it? Something about this world isn't right. There are so many voices competing to get into our heads. It feels like we are being hacked on a spiritual level.
No one gets what you are experiencing more than men's expert Patrick Morley, author of the bestseller The Man in the Mirror. Now Morley has assembled a game plan so you can get that win you seek. The Christian Man is packed with powerful stories and refreshingly practical answers to questions such as:
- How can I lead a more balanced life?
- How can I live a deeper walk with God?
- What makes a great husband?
- How can I become a dad who makes a difference?
- How should I think about my work?
- What's the right way to deal with lust?
By the end of this book, you will know ways to intentionally release the power of God on the issues that matter most to you. Learn to walk with confidence in the one identity that matters most: The Christian Man.