Scripture Confessions For Moms: Life-Changing Words of Faith For Every Day, by Harrison House

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  • Author: Harrison House

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Guide your family down the right course.
Most busy mom's simply don't have the time to invest hours into prayer. It only takes a few moments at a time to get your life in order. God has given powerful promises through His word regarding peace, joy, health, provision, and more. Speak these promises out on a daily basis to make them a reality for you and your family.
Through the book of Proverbs we learn that life and death are in the power of the tongue. You give power to what you talk about. When you repeatedly say the same thing God has promised you, faith will blossom in your heart and your life will begin to change. Start claiming these Scripture Confessions for yourself and your family and your life will shift toward a course for an abundant future.
Chapters include:
- Becoming the Mother God Says I Am
- Godly Household
- The Greater One in My Children
- My Children's Spiritual Growth
- My Children Hear God's Voice
- My Children Are Obedient to Authority
- Divine Protection for My Children
- Health and Healing for My Children
- My Children Have Pleasant Personalities
- My Children's Self-Image
- For My Children to Choose Godly Friends
- My Children's Future

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