Decoding Your Dreams: What the Lord May Be Saying to You While You Sleep, by Jennifer LeClarie

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  • Author: Jennifer LeClaire
  • Foreword by: James W. Goll

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What message is God communicating to you through your dreams? Build your dream language vocabulary with a leading prophetic teacher.
The average human sleeps eight hours each night, equating to a third of our life spent asleep. It shouldn't be surprising to discover that God will sometimes speak to us through Spirit-inspired dreams. Why are most of us unclear as to what these dreams mean?
Demystify God's dream language with Decoding Your Dreams.
God speaks to each of us in ways that are unique to our culture and our life experience. For instance, if you speak Spanish, God will not typically speak to you in Chinese. If you are a dog lover, God may use a dog in your dream to symbolize loyalty. If you were attacked by a dog when you were a child, a dog might mean something very different to you. It's important that we take time to truly understand our dreams.
In the Bible, there are over 200 mentions of dreams and visions. Jacob, Joseph, and Daniel in the Old Testament, as well as Joseph and the apostles in the New Testament, received messages from God in their dreams.
Decoding Your Dreams provides a solid, safe explanation of the dream world and dream languages that will help readers understand what God is really saying to them.
Chapters include:
- God Speaks Through Dreams
- The Biblical World of Dreams
- The Source of Dreams
- Dream Classifications
- Scriptural Dream Codes
- Cultural Dream Codes
- Subjective Dream Codes
- Interpreting Dreams with God's Wisdom
- Examples of Dreams and Interpretations
- Application of Dream Revelations
- Strategically Stewarding Your Dream Life

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