God is Good: He's Better Than You Think, by Bill Johnson

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  • Author: Bill Johnson
  • Foreword by: Robert Morris

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God is Good. It's more than just a positive thought or a statement of belief, what you do with these three words has the power to shape your life and define your destiny.
What you believe about God will determine every other aspect of your life. It can either empower your prayer life with faith and expectation or quench it with uncertainty and doubt. You either see God as a faithful Father Who never changes, or you perceive Him to be a detached deity whose character is unpredictable. Finally, your understanding of God's goodness paints the way you interact with everyday life. Does Heaven desire to remain at a distance, or could it be that "on Earth as it is in Heaven" is the very prayer that should motivate every believer to persevere for the miraculous?
One book cannot promise to answer the countless questions you might have, there is one sure answer that will keep your heart steady through uncertain times, strengthen your spirit through the valleys of life, and encourage you to keep praying, keep believing, and keep trusting. That answer is simply: God is Good.
In what many consider to be Pastor Bill Johnson's life message, you will rediscover God in a whole new way. Get ready for what you thought you knew about God's goodness to be lovingly challenged, as beliefs--as popular and widely accepted as they may be--are measured next to the eternal standard of Scripture and are either found to be false or recognized as truth.
To confess that God is Good is one thing: when you start to live your life in response to this cornerstone truth, everything changes!
Chapters include:
- Conflict Over Goodness
- In The Beginning
- Purpose of the Old Testament
- The Old Has a New Purpose
- His Goodness--His Glory
- Love Requires Judgment
- We Have a Father
- Jesus Christ, Perfect Theology
- It's Not His Fault
- Re-presenting the Goodness of God
- The Importance of Mystery
- Now What?

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