The Graduate Survival Guide, by Anthony ONeal and Rachel Cruze

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  • Author: Anthony ONeal
  • Author: Rachel Cruze

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In The Graduate Survival Guide, Anthony ONeal and Rachel Cruze explore five common mistakes that you should avoid making in college. Honest, real-life stories from Anthony, Rachel and others will empower high school graduates with the resources to spot ways these mistakes can be a detriment to their financial future.
The Graduate Survival Guide will help students:
- Learn how to make smart financial decisions during college.
- Put into practice healthy money habits to keep them out of debt.
- Take responsibility for saving money and spending with a plan.
- Discover how to avoid student loans and pay cash for college.
Plus, this book comes with a hilarious and informative DVD featuring Anthony and Rachel as well as insights from college students. The Graduate Survival Guide will show high school graduates ways to win with money, both now and in their future.

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