Holy Hustle: Embracing a Work-Hard, Rest-Well Life, by Crystal Stine

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  • Author: Crystal Stine

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Do you long to work without shame, and rest without guilt?
We all long for balance in our lives. We often have conflicting inner voices shouting at us to work harder! in one ear, and whispering rest more in the other. What if God's plan isn't just one or the other?
Enter the holy hustle.
Crystal Stine pursued success in life as she climbed the corporate ladder. Now she approaches hustle from a new angle as a self-employed, work-from-home mom. She invites readers to join her in experiencing:
- Renewed peace as they focus on serving, not striving
- Reawakened potential as they abandon comparison and embrace community
- Redefined purpose as they seek the roles God has for them
We were made to work with enthusiasm for the right reasons. We also have a need for rest. Find the intersection where these two sides collide in a happy holy hustle.
Chapters include:
- The Redemption of Hustle
- A Good-bye Party for Striving
- Called Here
- "Hello, Hustle"
- Harvesting the Blessing
- The Superpower of Service
- Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better
- Choosing Community
- This Little Light of Mine
- The Blessing of Rest