If You Only Knew: My Unlikely, Unavoidable Story of Becoming Free, by Jamie Ivey

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  • Author: Jamie Ivey

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Many of us have deep fears about what others would think "if they only knew" the darkest parts of our past and the pieces the of our present we are striving to keep hidden. In working to hide our mess, we are actually keeping others from seeing the glory of God's grace. The fears demanding us to project a false image of ourselves is leading us to declare a false gospel.
Jamie Ivey finally had enough of hiding what God was capable of doing. When she let Him get praise for what she'd been pretending she didn't need, she discovered how her openness gave others permission to join in on the transparency. The process of becoming real ignited an ongoing passion for living out ongoing redemption, enabling her to more fully embrace not only with Him, but also with others.
If You Only Knew is an inviting, humorous, and authentic back-story of one woman's life, told with the purpose of guiding readers to strip away their hypocrisy. Discover Christian freedom that enables you to live with confidence in God's ability to make you truly one person. His.

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