Just Open the Door: How One Invitation Can Change a Generation, by Jen Schmidt and (in)courage

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  • Author: Jen Schmidt
  • Author: (in)courage

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For many women, inviting people into the home and place where you live can add too much stress to an already hectic schedule. You might be scared of having your hospitality and cleanliness judged by complete strangers or even close friends. What if you changed your thinking, and began to believe that opening your doors would start a simple and radical way to change the world.
Jen Schmidt is determined to prove the value of opening your doors by reframing the way we think about hospitality. She encourages readers to walk a path of welcome in their everyday lives. Shatter your image of the model home and model life, by replacing it with real, relatable, everyday invitations to get to know the people around you.
Something amazing happens when you dispose of the idea of entertainment and just open the door for your guests to experience life alongside you. It opens up the path to the everyday Gospel where your kids will witness firsthand generosity and insecurity gets replaced with connection.
Just Open the Door is a guide for seasoned hosts, nervous newbies, and everyone who happens to be somewhere in between. This book will help all readers realize they can learn from Jen's hilarious fails, personal tails, and practical tips. Begin to see that your home can be the most likely location for changing the world around you.

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