Me, Myself, and Lies: What to Say When You Talk to Yourself, by Jennifer Rothschild

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  • Author: Jennifer Rothschild

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Should you choose the words you say to yourself as carefully as you choose the words you say to others? Think about what you are telling yourself, and how it is impacting you life. We often tell ourselves things like:
- I could never do that.
- They don't like me.
- I am such an idiot!
Would you talk that way to anyone else? Phrases like these are constantly streaming through our minds, leaving us feeling insecure and defeated.
Jennifer Rothschild knows what it's like to have a self-defeating internal narrative. She has since learned to replace the lies with the truth. Through wisdom and authenticity, Jennifer will guide you to:
- Silence the negative voices in your mind as you learn to speak kindly to your soul
- Grow in confidence by replacing the lies that shackle you with the truth that sets you free
- Overcome a lifetime of damaging self-talk by practicing godly and biblical soul-talk
Lysa TerKeurst, Laura Story, Lisa Whelchel, Stormie Omartian, and other popular authors and speakers also share what they say when they talk to themselves.
Chapters include:
Part 1: The Life-Changing Power of Soul Talk
- Not So Well with My Soul
- Renewing Your Thought Closet
- A Sneak Peek Into Laur Story's Thought Closet
- Choosing Wise Words
- Speaking Truth to Your Issues
- A Sneak Peek into Kathy Trocolli's Thought Closet
Part 2: Seven Things to Say to Your Soul
- Tune In: Awake, My Soul
- A Sneak Peek into Liz Curtis Higgs's Thought Closet
- Look Up: Hope in God, My Soul
- A Sneak Peek into Chonda Pierce's Thought Closet
- Calm Down: I Have Stilled and Quieted My Soul
- A Sneak Peek into Lysa TerKeurst's Thought Closet
- Look Back: Forget Not His Benefits, O My Soul
- A Sneak Peak into Stormie Omartian's Thought Closet
- Chill Out: Be at Rest, O My Soul
- A Sneak Peek into Margaret Feinberg's Thought Closet
- Press On: Mark On, O My Soul
- A Sneak Peek into Meredith Andrews's Thought Closet
- Lift Up: Praise the Lord, O My Soul
- A Sneak Peek into Lisa Whelchel's Thought Closet

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