Meet the New You, by Elisa Pulliam

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  • Author: Elisa Pulliam

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Change is possible.
As women, we are constantly evaluating ourselves. Am I enough? Why can’t I change this certain thing about myself? Should I be doing more? 
We long for real, deep, lasting change—but we don’t know how to begin. In Meet the New You, Elisa Pulliam empowers women to take charge of their own life transformation by engaging in a meaningful relationship with God and His Word. Each chapter gives practical and interactive ways to address some of the biggest obstacles that stand in the way of permanent change. Through stories, biblical application, personality assessments, thought-provoking questions, and life-coaching principles, Meet the New You helps women:
- Understand who they are
- Cultivate a vision for who they want to become
- Recognize what holds them back
- Determine the steps necessary to  put new, practical habits into action
It’s time to discover who you really are and how you can live life differently. It’s time to meet the new you!
Chapters include:
- Introduction: It's Already Begun
- How to Use Meet the New You
Phase 1: A Fresh Awareness
- Zoom Out: Sketch Your Life Map
- The Days of Our Lives: What Fills Your Time
- Whatever You Do: Order Your Priorities
- Mind the Gap, Please: Look at Your Story Time Line
- Say Good-bye to the "As Is" Life: Deal with Your Root Issues
Phase 2: Assess the Goods
- You're Made New: Understand Who You Are
- A Complete Package: Embrace Your Strengths and Weaknesses
- Satisfyingly Good: Discover Your Talents and Spiritual Gifting
- Set Apart with Distinction: The Impact of Learning Styles
- The Pursuit of Purpose: Calling, Career, and Everything In-Between
Phase 3: Overcome Obstacles
- A Mental Makeover: Understand Your Core Beliefs
- A Values-Driven Life: Reshape Your Core Values
- Break Free: Get Out of the Comparison Trap
- Let It Go: Crush Your Idols
- Unchained: Walk in Forgiveness
Phase 4: Stick with Solutions
- Your Starting Point: Growing in Your Relationship with God
- Live for an Audience of One: The Art of Saying No
- Make Room for Margin: Cut Back and Carve Out
- The Beauty of Less: Eliminate the Excess and Concentrate on What's Best
- Don't Go It Alone: Cultivate Mentoring Relationships Through Listening Well
Phase 5: A Vibrant New Vision
- Embrace the New You: Define Your Vision and Set Your Goals

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