Mothers in Waiting, by Meghann Bowman and Crystal Bowman, Paperback

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  • Author: Meghann Bowman
  • Author: Crystal Bowman

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Ever since you held your first baby doll in your arms you imagined what it would be like to be a mother. Now you are in the club no one wants to join, the ten percent of women who struggle to become mothers due to infertility.
Meghann Bowman knows what it's like to be in that club. Along with best-selling author Crystal Bowman, Meghann has collected 30 hope-filled stories of women who received the same diagnosis and experienced the heartache she did. Gain wisdom and insight from contributors like Valorie Burton, Katie Norris, Shay Shull, Stephanie Tait, Kathe Wunnenberg, and more. Witness these women pouring their hearts out over issues with infertility and miscarriage to adoption and miracle births. These stories with touch your heart and lift your faith.
Your story may not look just like these, or have the same ending, but at least you know you don't have to suffer alone. You are surrounded by a club of Mothers in Waiting, women willing to come alongside you to bring comfort and peace as you wait.