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  • Author: Joyce Meyer

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Joyce Meyer, renowned Bible teacher and New York Times bestselling author, invites you to put on the armor of God, conquer your problems, and get to know your real enemy.
Do you get the feeling you've tried every solution on earth to solve a problem, but nothing is working? Do you wonder where the difficulties and challenges are coming from? Joyce Meyer has some answers for you.
In Your Battles Belong to the Lord, Joyce Meyer reveals that while some problems may be linked to choices and circumstances, others are rooted in the spiritual realm. A life of peace, freedom, faith, and victory will come once you recognize the devil as your true enemy and the source of many of your struggles. When working through life's many battles, there are some things you must do for yourself, such as:
- Diligently study and apply God's Word
- Trust Him
- Pray
- Maintain a positive attitude and thankful heart
While there are some things you can do, there are other things only God can do. When you do your part, God does His, and He is always ready and eager to defend and help you.
Each chapter of Your Battles Belong to the Lord helps you grasp how the enemy operates and learn to counter his schemes and strategies so you can live at a new level of strength. In this refreshing approach to the subject of spiritual warfare, Meyer focuses not only on the strategies of the enemy, but also on the power and love of God, who always defeats the enemy and leads you to triumph. Now matter how challenging your situation is, if you have God with you, you have all you need to win every battle.