Preaching To Yourself: When Your Inner Critic Comes Calling, Talk Back With Truth, by Hayley Morgan

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  • Author: Hayley Morgan

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Are you stuck in a rut where you are constantly doubting yourself? Learn to break that cycle, take God at His Word, and talk back with the truth.
Christ came to speak life, so why does our inner critic keep popping up to steal the mic? Take an honest look at what that inner critic has to say. Isn't it some of the worst things we would never say to another person?: You'll never measure up. You'll fail again tomorrow. You just can't get it right.
You may have heard before that the eighteen inches from your head to your heart is the longest journey of the soul. We can fill our head with the knowledge that the good news is true. Our heart still struggles to accept the truth. It is through this gap that we battle to believe the promises of God.
Haley Morgan, co-author of the bestselling book Wild and Free, wrestled with this tension her whole life. In Preaching to Yourself, she tackles the issue head-on to show how we can renew our minds to renew our lives. For all the women who struggle to repetitive, negative self-talk, this book will show you how to identify the toxic loops where you get stuck and replace them with the truth of God we can believe with our whole selves.
This isn't about trying harder, it's about believing better. Here is your invitation to take God at His Word when He tells you who you are. Discover simple ways to break free from the lies holding you back, and step forward into the fullness of life God has planned.

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