Ripple Effects, by Pam Tebow, Hardcover

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  • Author: Pam Tebow
  • Foreword by: Tim Tebow

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Find the God-inspired difference that only you can make in this world, by using the key you never even knew you had.
Tim Tebow says the real key to his success was his mom. Pam never anticipated that she might be known on a national stage. Throughout most of her life, she was serving quietly and faithfully as a wife and a mom, choosing life for her child in the face of medical risks, answering the Lord's call to mission work in the Philippines, and homeschooling before anyone knew what the word meant. Somewhere along the way, her daily choices to follow the Lord and serve as He directed, created unexpected ripples of influence throughout her family, her community, and her world. The ripples go far beyond anything she ever imagined.
Pam believes that each one of us can be influential. Deep within a woman's heart is the desire to use her influence for good. In Ripple Effects, Pam reveals the miraculous motivating power of influence we can have on this generation and on to the next. No matter where you are in life, you can have a powerful influence. Whether you are in the midst of endless diaper changes, climbing the corporate ladder, or just doing your best live, love, and serve well each day, Pam encourages us all to maximize our God-given opportunities for influence, and watch how far the ripples will spread.