She Believes: Embracing the Life You Were Created to Live, by Debbie Lindell and Susy Flory

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  • Author: Debbie Lindell
  • Author: Susy Flory
  • Foreword by: Christine Caine

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What you choose to believe about your life can affect who you are as a person, your day-to-day decisions, and even your future. In She Believes, Debbie Lindell will guide your understanding of how living a faith-filled life will change you, your circumstances, and your relationships, and will make a difference in how you respond to everything that happens all around you.
Implementing her own unique, energetic, and positive style, Debbie will help you unpack God's truth, trust in His Word, and open your heart to find the incredible, beyond-your-wildest-dreams life he created you to live.
Chapters include:
Section 1: Believing...You Were Designed on Purpose
- You Are a Masterpiece
- Your Reflection Is Beautiful
- Your Story Matters
- You Are Loved
Section 2: Believing...Changes Your Heart
- Faith—It's That Simple
- Prayer—a Difference Maker
- Following Is Leading
- It's Foolish Not to Be Wise
Section 3: Believing...Affects Your Mind and Spirit
- You Have an Attitude
- Peace Is Not Always Quiet
- Treasures in the Darkness
- Big Girls Do Cry
Section 4: Believing...Makes Being Together Even Better
- You've Got a Friend in Me
- Making Your Connections
- Home Where You Belong
Section 5: Believing...Is for Your Future
- Dreams Are for Real
- Rise Up and Shine
- The Sisterhood Revolution Is Now

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