Sick of Me: from Transparency to Transformation, by Whitney Capps, Paperback

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  • Author: Whitney Capps

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We encounter fake fronts every day. People are using filters to change their appearance on social media and some hypocritical believers put forth a holier than thou persona.
To fight the fake trends, a new counter trend is emerging, one that fights the facade with transparency and vulnerability. Instead of being filtered or super-spiritual, we're told to be real and honest. It's time to get real with other people about the junk in our lives.
Should we stop there? Should we get together to commiserate about our current version of me? Community should be about more than just feeling understood by one another in our challenges. Doesn't God have actual change in store for us beyond our brokenness?
In Sick of Me, Whitney Capps reveals that spiritual growth is more than being honest and holy. We can come to Jesus just as we are, but we can't just stay that way. While virtues like vulnerability, honesty, and humility are certainly needed, we should fight for more. The gospel, after all, is a change-agent.
Whitney challenges readers to go beyond trendy transparency and into something better: true transformation. If you want to be honest about all your junk, but are also sick of staying there: Sick of Me is for you.