Truth Unchanging, by Becky Thompson, Hardcover

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  • Author: Becky Thompson

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Motherhood can get noisy and is rarely silent. Develop the discipline to hear God speaking above the noise in these daily devotions that can be completed in five minutes or less.
Moms know full well that even in the times when there isn't noise around us, there is noise within us. Constant to-do lists pile up in our minds, we are often preoccupied with thoughts about whether or not we are even doing a good job, and we are routinely restless trying to stay two steps ahead of our family when we feel two steps behind. How does a modern-day mom tune into the voice of the Lord when quiet time with God isn't so quiet, and alone time is nearly nonexistent?
With Truth Unchanging, you won't have to wait until you're alone to talk with Jesus. Each of these powerful, hope-filled devotions are designed to be read in five minutes or less and each devotion will:
- Refocus your heart on God's Word
- Refresh your mind with God's Truth for your life
- Revive your spirit as your realize God is speaking to you personally
Truth Unchanging is not just a devotional, it's an opportunity to being conversations with Jesus each day. He is the One who has everything we need to tackle the days ahead, and the One who wants to speak to you right now. Learn to tune in to His voice today.