Wait and See: Finding Peace in God's Pauses and Plans, by Wendy Pope

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  • Author: Wendy Pope
  • Foreword by: Renee Swope

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Doubting God's promises seems like an overwhelming temptation when waiting on God lasts for months or even years. Did I hear You correctly, God? Do You see what I'm going through? Why does this have to be so hard?
In Wait and See, Wendy Pope draws on the life of King David to help us:
- Focus on the Person of our Faith rather than the object of our wait
- Prepare for the future by participating in God's work in the present
- View God's pauses as opportunities to know Him better
- Gain confidence in God's plans, even during uncertain times
- Step out of the security of the known to find peace in the unknown
How can we take every opportunity to focus on God and His beautiful future? This hands-on guidebook will reveal how to transform a difficult season of waiting into a sweet season with God.
Chapters include:
- When the Wait Begins
- When Waiting Means Working Out
- When Waiting Gets Personal
- When Waiting Means Moving
- When Waiting Messes with My Mind
- When Waiting Encounters the Uninvited
- When Waiting Turns into a Wilderness Experience
- When Our Waiting Ends...Or Doesn't
- Worth the Wait: My Story

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