21 Qualities of Leaders in the Bible, by John C. Maxwell, Paperback

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  • Author: John C. Maxwell

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Discover valuable leadership qualities from the Bible, the greatest book ever written, and become the leader people want to follow.
Do you turn to business experts, management consultants, theoreticians, or the world of politics to learn leadership? Why not learn from the original leadership book, the Bible!
In 21 Qualities of Leaders In The Bible, John C. Maxwell will dig deep into God's Word to indispensable qualities found in the men and women who led God's people God's way. The essential traits covered in this book will help you lead with integrity in all areas of your life.
In twenty-one lessons, John leads you to develop the core qualities all good leaders demonstrate. Each lesson features:
- The Quality Defined: A short description and introduction to the Quality
- Case Studies: Three biblical studies that reveal and illustrate the quality
- Study Questions: Reflection and application questions to help you study the stories of men and women in Scripture and learn from them
- Leadership Insight and Reflection: Questions to help you analyze and improve your leadership skills
- Taking Action: Practical applications to to help you incorporate the quality into your daily life
- Group Discussion Questions: Questions to help you process the Bible study material with others who want to grow in leadership
Leadership meant for everyone, because everyone who accepts Christ as Savior is called to influence others. The good news is that everyone can develop the leadership qualities demonstrated by the men and women in the Bible.
This workbook is designed to improve readers' experience of working through John C. Maxwell's leadership materials and is designed for both individual and small group use.