Becoming a Welcoming Church, by Thom S. Rainer

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  • Author: Thom S. Rainer

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Many churches are not taking a thorough self-examination. In many of Thom Rainer's consultations, church members thought their church was friendly. When he surveyed guests, he found contrary results. The reason perception was not lining up with reality was because the church members really were friendly, to one another.
The guests were left feeling like they had walked in on a private party.
Thom Rainer, bestselling author, has developed a strategy for churches to become more hospitable. Church members can read Becoming a Welcoming Church individually or study in groups. Throughout this book, Rainer guides readers through a practical framework for creating a difference for those who visit the church.
Churches can use Becoming a Welcoming Church as tool to asses where they are on the spectrum between welcoming and wanting, and develop a strategy for improving their effectiveness.

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