The Complete Book of Zingers

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  • Author: Croft M. Pentz

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The Complete Book of Zingers by Croft Pentz features a collection of over 5000 amusing one-sentence sermons, proverbs, adages, illustrations, dictums, and truisms. An excellent resource for any home library or for pastors and lay leaders to use for sermon preparation, small group, and Sunday school.

Daily Vitamins for Your Soul

"Laugh a lot, and when you are older all your wrinkles will be in the right places."

"The early fish gets hooked by the same thing the early bird gets credit for."

Just as vitamins keep your body strong, these zingers are a daily dose of inspiration for your soul. This collection of witty one-liners is perfect for adding punch to sermons, speeches, newsletters, bulletins–just about any time you want to drive a point home and give people something to mull over. Zingers are organized into more than 150 alphabetical categories, from Ambition to Zeal, so finding the right one is a snap. Keep this book handy for whenever you need to put your finger on just the right tidbit of wisdom.

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