Peace in the Face of Loss, by Jill Kelly

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  • Author: Jill Kelly
We've all faced loss at some point in our lives.
Our grief has a way of overshadowing us with heaviness and ache no matter what it is we lose—a loved one, a treasured relationship, the life we thought we would have. It's in these times we struggle getting through each day and question where God is.
No loss is too small or too big for our God. In the midst of every trial, He is waiting to give you comfort and peace. In this beautiful book, bestselling author Jill Kelly offers a vision of healing and hope for whatever circumstance you’re facing. Her own stories of deep loss and unexpected joy will help you see how God shows up, even when grief seems insurmountable. God’s promise in the face of loss proves true: You are not alone. The Creator sees you and your heartache—and He will meet you there.

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