Trumpocalypse, by Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson

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  • Author: Paul McGuire
  • Author: Troy Anderson
Authors of the bestselling book, The Babylon Code, join forces once again for an exploration of the puzzling prophecies related to the Trump presidency and the correlations to unfolding end-time events.
Trumpocalypse explores the president's mysterious interest in rebuilding the Third Temple in Jerusalem, the approaching global economic "reset" announced by International Monetary Fund officials, the occult elite's secret plan for humanity and the campaign of mass deception. Find out why Trump and millions of "deplorables" are fighting to end the hidden agenda of the establishment, and how the perplexing chaos engulfing the planet could bring about the dawning of the great end-time awakening.
Here is your invitation to join the anti-establishment surge, the Christian revolution, and learn how to fulfill your own destiny.

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