God and Donald Trump, by Stephen E. Strang, Hardcover

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  • Author: Stephen E. Strang

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Many pundits are left scratching their heads and asking, "How did he win?" This question leads to an even deeper question yet to be explored, could there have been a supernatural element involved?
Christian leaders predicted before the election that God had brought Trump in to lead this nation through a time of crisis. How could this billionaire reality-TV star convince voters that he was for real? What is God doing in Donald Trump's life and in the nation as a result of him securing this election?
Donald Trump is something of an enigma. He is an overly confident self-promoter, casino owner, and a man of the world. Yet he also portrays himself as a devoted husband to his third wife and a loving father of five children who has surrounded himself with men and women of faith who have made religion a part of his image.
God and Donald Trump is a third-person account of one of the most quarrelsome elections in American history. Experience exclusive interviews and insightful commentary from the men and women who were there.

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