Awaken: 90 Days with the God who Speaks, by Priscilla Shirer

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  • Author: Priscilla Shirer

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When you choose a devotional you are not just looking for casual leisure or entertainment value. You are hoping and praying for a deeper impact. You are seeking the kind of insight and revelation you can only get from God's Word.
Choosing wisely is immensely important.
Priscilla Shirer hopes to make that choice easy with her first devotional book. Even though she has written multiple bestselling books like Fervent, and regularly speaks at conferences and churches, and was the star of War Room, she still understands the value of quality devotional time spent with God.
Alone with God and His Word is where it begins for Priscilla, and that's exactly where it begins with you. While you may be eager to hear His voice, prepare to humbly and obediently respond. Her hope, beyond all else, is that the daily insight you gain from these pages will challenge, encourage, and strengthen you in every way.
These ninety devotions come from the heart of a mom, wife, encourager, and friend. Awaken each day to fresh insights gleaned from the Spirit of God. Prepare to mine the treasures of Scripture and fortify your heart for the day ahead.

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