Of Fire and Lions: A Novel, by Mesu Andrews, Paperback

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Survival. It was what a Hebrew girl first tasted when she escaped death nearly seventy years ago while Babylonians ransacked Jerusalem and took the finest Hebrews as captives. She thought she’d learned how to survive in the many years amongst the Magoi and the idol worshipers, pretending with all the others in King Nebuchadnezzar’s court. Now, as Daniel's wife and a septuagenarian matriarch, Belili believes she's safe and can live out her days in Babylon without fear. Everything changes on the night when Daniel is escorted to Belshazzar’s palace to interpret mysterious handwriting on a wall.
The Persian Army invades, and Belili's tightly-wound secrets begin to unravel with the arrival of the conquering army. What will the reign of Darius mean for Daniel, a man who prays to Yahweh alone?
Ultimately, Yahweh's sovereign hand leads Jerusalem's captives, and the scared Hebrew girl is transformed into a confident woman, who realizes her need of the God who conquers both with fire and lions.

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