The First Judgement, Chronicles of Brothers Series, Book 2, by Wendy Alec, Paperback

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  • Author: Wendy Alec

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The saga continues…
Exiled from heaven, Lucifer, King of Perdition, reigns over hell. Fueled by hatred, he has a single goal: to lure humans into damnation. Little by little, he is succeeding.
Omens are pointing to a shift in the balance of power. A star burning brightly over planet Earth heralds the arrival of a child king. The Nazarene. Humiliated, Lucifer returns to Perdition, mutinous and defiant.
Lucifer summons the councils of hell to conspire against the human race. The fallen must visit the Earth. A new Messiah will be cloned, and an earthly emissary will carry out his twisted plans.