Harvest House, Question of the Day Journal, Hardcover, Blue, 6 x 7 inches, 368 pages

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  • Publisher: Harvest House

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Get to know your children by asking one introspective question each day. This three-year journal includes questions like:
- If you could only eat two foods a month, what would you choose?
- When have you felt really brave?
- Which of your qualities are you most glad God gave you?
As your child grows and matures, so does his or her personality. Celebrate the sweet, silly, faith-filled, insightful, and inspiring sides of your kid.
Over the next three years, your child will answer one question, and explore a Bible verse or prayer designed to encourage expression and spark a conversation. Write out your child's answers and at the end of the three years you will have a memento containing ideas, opinions, hopes, happenings, and prayers.
- 6 x 7 hardcover journal
- Designed for 3-year use
- 365 questions
- Fun for families