Keep Showing Up, by Karen Ehman, Paperback

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  • Author: Karen Ehman

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In the early years you may find your spouse's differences cute. The opposites that used to attract can turn in the later years to attack. The habits and characteristics that were sweet differences before can become the very thing that drive us crazy years into marriage!
Whether you and your spouse disagree about finances, parenting, or how to load the dishwasher, your differences don't have to divide you. They can still bring you closer together, and closer to God.
In Keep Showing Up, Karen Ehman teaches you:
- How to play to each other's strengths as you work on your own weaknesses
- The difference between having a soul mate and having a sole mate
- How to become a faithful forgiver who also forgets
- Strategies for avoiding the social media comparison trap
- Why it's dangerous to mimic a friend's marriage
- How to unearth the magic in the mundane
- Why a spouse who drives you crazy can drive you straight to Jesus
Throughout Keep Showing Up, Karen features ideas to implement into your marriage right now, such as powerful statements to speak to your spouse, date-night-on-a-shoestring suggestions, and discussion starters. Find out how your incompatibility can become the strength of your marital team in this real-life guide to both living with and loving your spouse-differences and all.