Marriage On The Rock 20th Anniversary Edition, by Jimmy Evans

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  • Author: Jimmy Evans

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Our society demands years of preparation and planning for almost any significant career endeavor, but requires no real preparation for one of the most challenging and crucial undertakings in life: marriage.
In an age of disposable marriages and information overload the only place couples can turn for real answers that will make their marriages work is God.
Marriage On The Rock presents God's principles that will transform disillusioned, divorce-bound marriages into satisfying dream relationships.
Chapters include:
Section I: The Most Important Issue in Marriage
- Finding the Rock
Section II: The Four Foundational Laws of Marriage
- The Secret of a Solid Marriage
- The Law of Priority
- The Law of Pursuit
- The Law of Possession
- The Law of Purity
Section III: How to Build Your Dream Marriage
- God's Blueprint for Marital Bliss
- The Destructive Husband
- Four Kinds of Destructive Husbands
- How To Understand and Meet Your Wife's Needs
- The Destructive Wife
- Four Kinds of Destructive Wives
- How To Understand and Meet Your Husband's Needs
- When You Are Building Alone
- Four Principles for Building Alone
Section IV: Five Essential Skills for Maximum Pleasure
- Sweet and Sour Pleasure
- Skills for Communication
- Skills for Financial Success
- Skills for Successful Parenting
- Skills for Sexual Pleasure
- Skills for In-Law Relations

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