The Right Combination, by Barbie Armenta & Richard Armenta, Paperback

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  • Author: Barbie Armenta
  • Author: Richard Armenta

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Do you think it's too late to have the marriage of your dreams?
We all want healthy relationships. Too many women who have gone through a divorce feel lost and unsure about how to move forward into readiness for strong future relationships.
Barbie and Richard Armenta both have pasts with plenty of brokenness. Richard's party lifestyle had him one step away from disaster all too often. Barbie's two failed marriages and other dating relationships left her desperate for affirmation from men. When they turned their lives over to Christ, they both had to figure out what it meant to live for Him in their dating lives. It was through this process that they found each other, and discovered that adding God's love to theirs was the right combination for lasting love.
For those who have gone through a divorce, long to heal emotionally and spiritually, and yearn for true intimacy, The Right Combination is a shout of hope. The Armentas base their work in Scripture and pose thoughtful questions to women, encouraging them to begin their own process of discovering who they are in Christ and what it really means to live and date God's way.