Warfare: Winning the Spiritual Battle, by Tony Evans, Paperback

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  • Author: Tony Evans

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You're at war, but are you winning?
Your fight isn't any of the problems you see at hand such as depression, a broken marriage, addiction, or financial troubles, these are all just the symptoms. The true battle is against the devil and his armies. The devil isn't afraid of mere humans. So how do we fight, and more importantly, how do we win?
Warfare is your guide to fighting the battles that truly matter. You will learn:
- To identify how spiritual warfare is impacting your soul, family, church, and culture.
- Who the armies are and what role they play: God, angels, demons, and the devil
- How to use the arsenal of spiritual weapons God provides
- How to claim the victory God has already won
When we learn to fight the right battles with the right weapons, fear gives way to courage, futility gives way to purpose, and failure gives way to victory.
Chapters include:
- The Origins of Our Battle
- The Expansion of the Battle
- The Battlefront
- Satan's Character and Strategy
- The Nature and Activity of Demons
- Knowing Our Spiritual Allies
- Enlisting Our Spiritual Allies
- The Sources of Your Authority
- Our Weapons
- Winning the Battle

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