Cold-Case Christianity, by J. Warner Wallace, Paperback

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  • Author: J. Warner Wallace

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J. Warner Wallace spent the first 35 years of his life as a devout atheist. His training in law enforcement left him with the assumption that every claim had to be thoroughly investigated.
Something changed for Wallace when he realized the similarity between Christianity and the cold-cases he solved as a homicide detective. Many of the cases he researched had all the evidence they needed in the records and eye witness testimonies to solve an event in the past. As Wallace applied his skills as a skilled detective to the claims of the New Testament he faced the startling reality that Christianity was as true as any of the cases he had ever worked on as a detective.
Join Detective J. Warner Wallace as he guides you through the evidence he found for the central claims of Christianity.
Chapters include:
Section 1: Learn To Be A Detective
- Don't Be a "Know-It-All"
- Learn How to "Infer"
- Think "Circumstantially"
- Test Your Witnesses
- Hang on Every Word
- Separate Artifacts from Evidence
- Resist Conspiracy Theories
- Respect the "Chain of Custody"
- Know When "Enough Is Enough"
- Prepare for an Attack
Section 2: Examine the Evidence
- Were They Present?
- Were They Corroborated?
- Where They Accurate?
- Were They Biased?
- Becoming a "Two Decision" Christian

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