Gospel Reset: Salvation Made Relevant, by Ken Ham, Hardcover

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  • Author: Ken Ham
  • Foreword by: Bodie Hodge

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Reset your gospel message for today's audience.
Our culture has changed. Christian values, traditions, and terminologies there used to be common knowledge have decayed into archaic relics of a past. For many people today, the typical Sunday morning call to salvation can sound like another language.
Discover ways to effectively reach the lost with a message of salvation that makes sense for today's audience. Gospel Reset is an easy-to-read book that delivers a primer in Creation science evangelism focusing on two different sermons from the book of Acts that were made for two different audiences: the churched and the unchurched, or Jew and Gentile.
Take a look at the social and moral consequences that our culture's war on the Bible is having on society, and gain insight on how to evangelize to young people.
Chapters include:
- Millennial "Lingo"
- Millenials and the Church
- Why Is This Happening?
- Building a Proper/Solid Foundation
- Peter's Sermon
- An Acts 2-Type Culture
- Paul's Sermon / A Christian on "Mars"
- An Acts 17-Type Culture
- What Caused the Great Divide?
- Where Did the Church Go Wrong?
- The Solution—A Gospel Reset

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