The Complete Guide to Christian Denominations, by Ron Rhodes

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  • Author: Ron Rhodes

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Do you ever wonder what the difference is between one denomination and another? Why are there so many kinds of Baptist or Presbyterian or Lutheran churches? Where do those names come from, anyway?
You can find answers in this concise but comprehensive guide. Learn about the leaders, teachings, and history of most of the church families in America. In addition to membership statistics, you’ll find:
- A brief explanation of how the denomination began
- A short summary of its teaching on God, the Bible, the church, and other important topics
- A quick overview of some of its distinctive characteristics
Whether you’re looking for a new church or enriching your fellowship with believers from other traditions, you’ll be much better prepared with this revised and expanded edition of The Complete Guide to Christian Denominations.
Chapters cover the major deneominations such as:
- Adventist
- Baptist
- Brethren
- Catholic
- Christian
- Congregational
- Episcopal and Anglican
- Friends (Quaker)
- Fundamentalist, Bible, and Conservative Evangelical
- Holiness
- Lutheran
- Mennonite
- Methodist
- Orthodox
- Pentecostal
- Presbyterian
- Reformed

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