World Religions Made Easy, Made Easy Series, by Rose Publishing, Paperback

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  • Publisher: Rose Publishing
  • Editor: Paul Carden

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With so many world religions, it can be difficult to keep up. Quickly get a glimpse of 30 different belief systems and how they compare with Christianity in this handy pocket-sized reference book.
Beyond covering major groups like Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam, World Religions Made Easy also reveals the relationships between these religions and other groups like Mormons, Sikhs, and the Nation of Islam.
Discover each religion's origin, key writings, key beliefs and practices. You will also learn each religion's perspective on salvation, the Trinity, and the afterlife.
Chapters include:
- Biblical Christianity
- Jehovah's Witnesses
- Mormonism
- Mind Sciences/New Thought
- Brahmanism
- World Mission Society Church of God
- Judaism
- Kabbalah Centre
- Islam
- Bahá'i
- Nation of Islam
- Hinduism
- Hare Krishna
- Transcendental Meditation
- Sikhism
- Shinto
- Confucianism
- Taoism
- The "New Age" and Today's Pop Spirituality
- Scientology
- Eckankar
- Theosophy
- Anthroposophy
- Neopaganism and Wicca
- Freemasonry
- Rosicrucianism
- The Church of Satan/Satanism
- Voodoo
- Santería