Joyfully Spreading the Word: Sharing the Good News of Jesus, by Kathleen B. Nielson & Gloria Furman

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  • Editor: Kathleen B. Nielson
  • Editor: Gloria Furman

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For many Christian women, evangelism is seen as an optional add-on to the Christian life. This means evangelism is often neglected in the storm of constant distractions, cultural discomfort, and busy schedules. God has called women to joyfully spread the good news where they are.
It is time for a renewed vision of the necessity, urgency, and practicality of the call to share the good news of Jesus in any situation. The clear message of the gospel, alongside solid personal stories and practical examples from ten women will serve as an encouragement and motivation to the women who have been putting off one of their most important callings. Joyfully Spreading the Word supplies role models who show women how to faithfully and effectively share the gospel in any season of life.
Contributors include:
- Shar Bell
- Rosaria Butterfield
- Gloria Furman
- Camille Hallstrom
- Megan Hill
- Happy Khambule
- Jamie R. Love
- Rebecca Manley Pippert
- Eowyn Stoddard

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