The Complete Guide to the Bible, by Stephen M. Miller

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  • Author: Stephen M. Miller

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The Complete Guide to the Bible is your reliable companion for understanding the Scripture written with jargon-free language that is accessible even to the everyday layman. Discover captivating writing that clearly explains the who, what, when, where, and why of each Biblical book. Full-color illustrations and maps illuminate the text. Archaeology, history, and other sciences form the basis for the immense amount of information covered.
The Complete Guide to the Bible explains Scripture as clearly and objectively as possible, detailing the best explanations and latest research of respected scholars while maintaining a healthy respect for the Bible.
- Explanations of all 66 books plus the apocrypha
- Sidebars covering unique, confusing, or bizarre aspects of Scripture
- Nearly 300 photos, illustrations, and maps
- Cross-references and indexes for further information

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