Keep Up Your Biblical Hebrew in Two Minutes A Day: Volume 1, by Jonathan G. Kline, Hardcover

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  • Author: Jonathan G. Kline

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Studying Biblical Hebrew for seminary or personal study can be an enriching experience. Most students learn early on that even after two or three semesters, it can be easy to forget most of what you learn. Once you get away from school, it's challenging to keep up with a foreign language, even when the purpose is to study God's Word.
Keep Up Your Biblical Hebrew in Two Minutes a Day: Volume 1 is designed to build on your previous study of Hebrew and encourage you to read a small amount of the Old Testament in its original language each day through an easy, manageable, and spiritually enriching way. This series of exercises won't replace your Hebrew grammar book or textbook. Instead, it complements grammatical study by helping you to build an expansive vocabulary and review morphology and syntax in a completely inductive way, without using any grammatical jargon. The page for each day includes:
- One new vocabulary word complete with transliteration and meanings, and two review words from earlier in the book
- The English text of a Hebrew verse, with the three Hebrew words embedded in it
- The full Hebrew text of the verse, divided into phrases or clauses, with the corresponding English phrases or clauses next to them
Refresh your Hebrew lessons one day at a time, in order of descending frequency, with the 365 most frequently occurring words in the Old Testament. Discover about two-thirds more vocabulary than what is typical for a first-year Hebrew class.
Reconnect with Hebrew in an easy and enriching way as you build vocabulary and begin to read the Hebrew Bible in its original language again.
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