Systematic Theology, by John Frame, Hardcover

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  • Author: John Frame

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Only the Bible is written word of God made availabel to us. It must have the final word in all historical and contemporary controversies. So the most important aspect of theological work is to present to readers what he Bible says. And if some choice must be made (as it must) of what to include and exclude, that choice must be on the basis of what is best suited to express the Bible's teaching to contemporary readers.

Frame's use of this criterion has led to a systematic theology that is somewhat less historical in focus than other volumes and less involved with controversies among contemporary academic theologians, mainly because Frame does not think that many of these controversies are helpful in bringing the Bible teaching to Christian believers. What you do have, though, is an accessible and comprehensive statement on what the Bible says is Christian belief without the specific quirks that have sidetracked so many previous attempts.

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