Brick Builder's Illustrated Bible: Over 35 Bible Stories For Kids, by Emily Dammer and Antony Evans

  • Author: Emily Dammer
  • Illustrator: Antony Evans

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Kids love connecting plastic brick pieces to assemble a masterpiece of their own, or one built by following step-by-step instructions. Much like a tower of plastic bricks, the Word of God came together piece by through history. Now children can witness 35 beloved stories from the Old Testament and New Testament come to life piece by piece. 
The Brick Builder's Illustrated Bible assembles the stories of Creation, Noah's Ark, David and Goliath, the Birth of Jesus, Jesus Walks on Water, and more. Each of these stories is illustrated with artwork that resembles their favorite plastic brick toys. Plus, each story includes a Building Block takeaway to help kids connect the biblical principle with their own life. Readers of all ages will appreciate the illustrated Bible stories found in this storybook Bible.
- 224 pages
- Hardcover
- 35 Bible stories
- Covers segments of the Old Testament and the New Testament
- Building Block takeaway for personal application

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