Rhyme Bible Storybook

  • Author: L. J. Sattgast
  • Author: Linda Sattgast
  • Illustrator: Laurence Cleyet-Merle

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Introduce even the youngest children to the Bible with a timeless classic that is destined to become a family favorite!

Children love the soothing sound of rhyme - and now they can enjoy thirty-five delightful, classic Bible stories retold in lilting verse and rollicking, read-aloud rhyme in this new updated version of The Rhyme Bible Storybook. From the story of creation to the resurrection of Jesus, this is the perfect choice for parents who want to give their children early exposure to the Word of God. Updated and vivid illustrations by Laurence Cleyet-Merle breathe new life into a previously successful storybook Bible in the popular Rhyme brand.

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