The Bible App For Kids Storybook Bible, by YouVersion and OneHope Inc, Hardcover

  • Publisher: YouVersion
  • Publisher: OneHope, Inc.

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God's Story is the most important story anyone can hear! Did you know you are God's most treasured creation? God loves His people and wants to have a relationship with each one.
The Bible App for Kids Storybook features 28 stories that build the exciting narrative of God's Story: from creation, to the introduction of sin, Jesus, the cross and resurrection... and stories of God's faithfulness and love in between.
Are you ready for God's Story? Take kids through familiar Bible stories featuring adorable artwork from the popular Bible App for Kids. All the Bible stories are paraphrased from the Holy Bible: Easy-To-Read Version.
Stories include:
- In the Beginning
- The First Sin
- Two by Two
- God's Amazing Promise
- Abraham's Big Test
- A Baby and a Bush
- Let My People Go!
- God Makes a Way
- Wherever You Go
- Stones, Slings, and Giant Things
- Fire From Heaven
- A Roaring Rescue
- The Brave and Beautiful Queen
- The First Christmas Gift
- The Beloved Son
- A Test in the Desert
- The King and the Kingdom
- Through the Roof
- The Big Picnic
- The Donkey and the King
- A Goodbye Meal
- It is Finished!
- A Happy Sunday!
- Into the Clouds
- God's Wonderful Gift
- From Enemy to Friend
- A Forever Promise
- God's Good News

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