School Zone, Bible Mazes, by Linda Standke and Julie Anderson, Paperback

  • Author: Linda Standke
  • Editor: Shannon Mullally
  • Illustrator: Julie Anderson

SKU: 3158367

The Bible can be an amazing adventure, and now children learning the basic Bible lessons can navigate the people they are learning about through fun and challenging mazes. Each activity is based on a different lesson about God's love and faithfulness, and each maze is designed around a core component of the Bible story. As kids display their completed work, parents can read the connecting Scripture verse at the bottom of the page.
As kids navigate through the twists and turns of compelling Bible lessons and the wind through the paths of these mazes they will develop hand-eye coordination, attention to detail, problem-solving techniques, and Scripture reinforcement.
- 32 activity pages
- Parent guide included
- Helps build hand-eye coordination
- Lessons taken from Old Testament and New Testament
- Back cover includes a Certificate of Achievement
- Recommended for ages 3 to 6

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