Adventures in Odyssey, Expect the Unexpected, Episode 65, by Focus on the Family, Audiobook

  • Publisher: Focus on the Family

SKU: 3730876

The little town of Odyssey is fill of unexpected results from a mysterious police investigation to an internship at a funeral home.
Zoe Grand and Olivia Parker launch a new talk show. They are reluctant to choose Jay Smouse as their first guest. His talent of stuffing his mouth with jelly beans leads to frantic and frightening consequences. A sudden Parker family picnic takes an unusual turn for David when he decides to go to extreme lengths to prove a point to his kids about initiative.
Meanwhile, Morrie Rydell has a few surprises in store as he decides to find out just how far Olivia will go to keep a promise. Buck and the Meltsners confront a sudden dilemma when a social worker questions Eugene and Katrina's roles as Buck's guardians.
Discover the shocks, twists, and turns as the folks in Odyssey learn about fame, friendship, family and more in these six exciting stories. You never know what will happen next when you have and adventure in Odyssey!

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