Through the Bible One Rhyme at a Time, by Jim George, Elizabeth George, and Seth Hahne, Hardcover

  • Author: Jim George
  • Author: Elizabeth George
  • Illustrator: Seth Hahne

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Take a fun look at God's special book.
Kids love stories with fun pictures that rhyme. Why not take them through the Scriptures at some time? Guide them on a tour of God's inspiration from Genesis to Revelation. No need to worry, as children get to see the full story.
Rhyming couplets help children remember the people, place, and events that unfold throughout the Bible. The colorful illustrations help to bring it all to life. Adding a personal touch to it all, each spread ends with a closing prayer.
Introduce your child, under 8, to a book they will appreciate.
- 48 illustrated pages
- Rhyming couplets
- Focuses on the big picture of the Bible, rather than disconnected stories
- For ages 3 to 7

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