Cutie Fruities: Scratch'n'Sniff And Glitter!, by Make Believe Ideas, Board Book

  • Brand: Make Believe Ideas

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Katie Kindness, Jessie Joy, Lily Love, and the rest of the Cutie Fruities band together for a dazzling, glittery, scratch 'n' sniff book that presents the Fruits of the Spirit in a way young girls will appreciate.
Children will find this introduction to the Fruits of the Spirit captivating. Each page teaches a virtue using one of the Cutie Fruitie characters, such as:
Lily's heart is full of love
To share or give away.
She tries her best to show this love
in all she does each day!
Lily Love, Jessie Joy, Pippa Peace, Paisley Patience, Katie Kindness, Gabby Goodness, Frannie Faithfulness, Gracie Gentleness, and Sophia Self-Control teach children the Fruies of the Spirit using cute, glittery artwork along with stracth 'n' sniff embellishments. Cutie Fruitsies is a fun and different way to teach kids all about the character found in a life of faith.
- 20 illustrated pages
- Board book format
- Glittery artwork
- Scratch 'n' sniff embellishments
- Recommended for ages 8 to 12

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