Bibleman, Halting the Hateful Hand of Mister Malevolent/Pulverizing the Plans of the Prince of Pride

  • Author: B&H Kids Editorial Staff

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What’s better than a new Bibleman adventure? Two new Bibleman adventures! When you open this Bibleman Flip-Over book, you’ll find two exciting stories and learn two lessons from God’s Word! 
Halting the Hateful Hand of Mister Malevolent (An Adventure in Mercy)
Two-on-two basketball can get really competitive. Surely there is still such a thing as a friendly game, right? Cypher sees a threat alarm go off at East Side Park, but he's not expecting to turn into Bibleman's enemy. How could this happen? Learn about the unmerciful servant while focusing on the verse Matthew 9:13.
Pulverizing the Plans of the Prince of Pride (An Adventure in Humility)
The Prince of Pride is ready to put his latest invention, the Ego Boost Ray, to the test. His operation is a success when Becky Thomas, the middle-school mathlete champion, is transformed into a painfully proud person. Will the Bibleteam be able to reverse the effect? Learn about the Bible story of sitting in a lower seat with an emphasis on Luke 14:11.
- 32 illustrated pages
- Two Bibleman adventures in one book
- Fun way for kids to learn wholesome Bible lessons
- Picture book is suited for early readers
- Recommended for ages 4 to 8

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