The Berenstain Bears Stand Up To Bullying, by Mike Berenstain, Paperback

  • Author: Mike Berenstain

SKU: 3671047

Too-Tall Grizzly and his gang of followers are a known group of bullies. Even bullies can be bullied from time to time. During a trip to Ben's orchard, the gang sets out to steal some apples. Too-Tall makes Skuzz climb high up the tree to get the apples. Instead of being concerned when he looses his grip, the gang makes fun of him when he yells for help. When Mrs. Ben and the cubs witness the scene, Mrs. Ben swoops in and shares the wisdom of the lessons learned from Joseph and his brothers. Join the Berenstain bears in this wisdom-filled adventure that takes readers high into the tree and settles things down with a delicious slice of apple pie.
- 24 illustrated pages
- Berenstain Bears characters
- Important lesson on bullying
- Recommended for ages 4 to 8

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